Klonobi ( The Krobo Child)

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Klonobi (The Krobo Child) is a collection of necklaces that are designed by Kor.Le.Kour to portray belonging, kinship and is a perfect accessory for any occasion.

Kor.Le.Kour uses a mix of opaque glass, recycled and transparent beads that are made from fairly ground recycled glass or broken glass which are mixed with ceramic colors and are sometimes hand painted.

These necklace designs are adorned with brass pendant or brass beads . These brass designs are called Lost-wax brass casting and were developed by the Asante people in Ghana to make objects for gold transactions, such as weights and canisters.

All of Kor.Le.Kour's necklaces are meticulously handcrafted, and the designs are a one-time design that are never repeated.