Dinpa "Good Name " Day Name Band- Men

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Style: Kwabena-Tuesday

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Elevate Your Style with Purpose!

Discover our collection of artisanal bracelets crafted from recycled glass, each bearing the significance of Ghanaian day names.

Embrace the cultural richness of our bracelets which signify the day of your birth, reflecting the deep-rooted tradition of naming in Ghanaian society.

Adorn yourself with not just a beautiful accessory, but a meaningful connection to your roots. Dinpa Band, where style meets tradition, and every piece tells a unique story.

Kwadwo/Kwadjo/Kojo- Enter the peaceful world of Kwadwo, the Ghanaian day name for Monday-born male. Like a peaceful stream, you radiate a kind and caring nature that brings harmony and serenity to those in your presence. With a heart full of compassion and empathetic spirit, you are a guiding light of comfort in our hectic world.

Kwabena-Unleash the fearless spirit of Kwabena, the Ghanaian for Tuesday-born. With confidence, courage, and resilience, you conquer life's challenges and inspire others with your natural leadership and unwavering determination.

Kwaku/Kweku-Experience the limitless creativity of Kwaku, the Ghanaian name for those born on a Wednesday. With a natural knack for art and a visionary mindset, you ignite inspiration with your unique ideas and expressions. Let your innovative spirit and vibrant imagination bring life to all that you do.

Yaw- Unleash your compassionate spirit with Yaw, the Ghanaian name for Thursday-born. Spread love and selflessness, impacting lives with every step.

Kofi- Discover the magic of Kofi, the Ghanaian day name for Friday-born. Your presence brings harmony and unites others, while your appreciation for beauty and diplomatic skills make you a poised and refined relationship navigator.

Kwame- Unleash your inner strength as Kwame, the Ghanaian day name for Saturday-born individuals. Overcome challenges with determination and inspire others to embrace their power. Be a beacon of resilience and empower others to conquer the world.

Kwasi/Kwesi/Akwasi-Brighten up any space with Kwasi/Kwesi - The Ghanaian day name for those born on a Sunday. Your lively spirit and enthusiasm bring joy and optimism to those around you.

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