Waist Beads Color Chart

Color Symbolism

In Ghanaian society, different types of beads have unique names and serve unique purposes. Some beads are used for ceremonial purposes, and others are worn as a symbol of feminine beauty. We also use beads to adorn our wrists and ankles.

Traditionally, certain beads were meant for certain parts of the body, such as waist beads for waist and not ankles, and vice versa. However, this rule isn’t always followed in today’s society. For example, black beads traditionally were used for mourning and to express sadness, but now black beads are used to complement other colors and to express boldness and strength, a love for our people and our culture.

Here are some basic colors and their meaning as described in "The Art of Recycled Glass Beads", an Illustrated Handbook about bead making in Ghana written by Phillippe Kradolfer and Nonoma E. Djaba A.K.A Mr. Cedi.

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